Passion & Purpose

     When I think of passion, the first thing that comes to mind is extreme emotions that are heightened. I think about blood sweat in tears poured from my heart. I think about long nights and early mornings, exciting to wake up because I know I’m one step closer to everything I worked hard... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Keep Going Through The Same Sh*t ?????

Many of us have encountered the same problems in life. We try to figure out why am I going through this? Why me? What is God trying to tell me? Well as we all know lessons are for our own good. In fact, everything is for our own good even the tough times we go... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About you

I was inspired to write this blog by Saucony Hunt (Hey Sis). Listening to a podcast last night about black families, absentee fathers, painful family history that we go through, all of these topics were so powerful and relatable. One thing that stood out the most was a comment that quoted “Its not about you”.... Continue Reading →

Father O Father

Father O Father, how gracefully beautiful you are, how faithful you have been to everyone who has ever walked this earth. We all have been given different amounts of you but nonetheless you have given us your all. Everyday you give us an opportunity and choice to do as we please and yet we don’t... Continue Reading →

How Valuable is your Time?

How many quotes have we heard about time? “Time is of thee essence” “Time flies” “Timing is everything”. How important is your time and where do you place it on your list of priorities? The reason why time is so important is because once it is gone, you can’t get it back. Money, cars, clothes,... Continue Reading →

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